Acting Auditions For Kids

What You need to know?

There are plenty of auditions opportunities for kids and teens. However, you have to know where to look and more importantly who to talk to…

Agents and Managers

Representation for adult actors is not as critical as for kids. Since they focus on finding auditions and bettering their skills and in due time an agent presents themselves as they work consistently. But when it comes to auditions for kids, a good agent is a key. Why?

Agents and managers save you from experiencing a lot of stress by simply knowing the right people and getting you in private auditions. However, to find the best and appropriate manager can be a daunting task, here’s how to find an agent/manager for kids:

  • Do your research. There are bound to be many acting studios in major cities near you, just search for them and inquire if they have a teaching class for kids and teens.
  • Take a class. If the studio offers kids courses, it’s a good signal that there may be looking to sign contracts with kids.
  • Look everywhere. Be curious, ask questions, and seek answers. You’re bound to get someone connected to the studio as an agent or manager and let them know of your interests.
  • Be talented. Ensure you give all your best in the audition. Studios won’t sign just anyone. In a class of 30 kids sometimes only 1 makes it through, ensure it’s you.

The point to remember is to never give up. If it doesn’t work out the first time, you just need to try again perhaps with a different class or acting studio.

Be Careful

Unfortunately, there are many of those who want to scam people. Sure some agents and managers can get you what you want, however, others might just be liars. Here is how to spot them out:

Those that always ask for money. If you hear something about a fee for signing a contract, just run the other way. Agents and managers get a percentage of what you’ll earn as an actor. No money should be given upfront, they might just take it and disappear.

Those that require booking fees. There is nothing much to say about them. Avoid them, period.

Acting Training for Kids & Teens

The capacity for imagination in kids is amazing and to an extent much better than adults. Imagination is a key component for acting.  You’ll just need to ensure the class taken encourages creativity and is not too structured.

Things to Remember

Your child should never walk into an audition room and start reading the script. Being off book means that they are already prepared and have completely memorized their lines and sections. If the actor has had their copy of the script for more than 15 hours in advance to practice with, they shouldn’t be looking down on their lines. You should be focused on your acting and not trying to read the script in your hands. We all forget sometimes, so peeking at your script from time to time is not the worst thing.

In as much as there is little time to memorize scripts, that is how the industry works and it is absolutely expected that actors memorize them. It’s also important that they know all of their lines without having to bury their head in the copy of the script. They are permitted to only look down if need be, and it should just be a quick glance to retrieve a word or two.

It is the responsibility of parents and guardians, for young actors to print out the scripts for their kids, ensuring that their child actor learns  their lines and help them in memorizing them.

Moreover, it won’t leave a good impression if your child has an agent, and they don’t remember their lines, the casting director may decide to call your agent and mention to them what happened and this will impact negatively on your relationship with your agent.

If your child happens to gets the script in the actual audition, they should at least try to memorize some of it if they have the time while waiting to go in, this shows their effort and will surely give your child some plus points. This shows that they are able to learn quickly and adapt in any situation. Try practicing cold reading. Cold-Reading is when the first and last words of a sentence are memorized at least and your child is able to look up those 2 important parts and formulate the whole sentence. They are also required to glance at the copy of the scrip and then back up when reading the lines.

Cold-Reading helps to remember lines better. This is a skill known by all professional actors.

The Bottom Line

A simple word of caution for the parents out there: Do not confuse your kids’ dreams with your own. Therefore, don’t push them. Auditions for kids are out there. However, only do business with people you can trust and good luck in your aspirations.