Be Careful

A few agents and managers can get you into private acting auditions. But others are just liars and pretenders. Here’s the way to know the difference:

They request cash. If an agent or administrator lets you know there’s a charge for signing his agreement, run the other way. Why?

Since agents and supervisors get a % of what you make as an on-screen character. If they request cash in advance, it implies they may take it and vanish.

Also, the same goes for associations like ProScout, which guarantee to set you up with agents and administrators.

Hide your checkbook. Period.


Kids have a superb imagination. A lot bigger than grownups. Creativity is one of the key factors of acting.

I would say, acting classes stifle a child’s capacity to dream. Too many rules and less time to think yourself.

“But you just told me to sign up for an acting class!”

Yes, but be that as it may, stick to classes like voiceover or business procedure. Anything that doesn’t straightforwardly involve acting training. A lot of time for that later. Make auditions for children your first need.

A word of advice: Don’t make your kids do what you want them to do and they don’t. Try not to push them.

The Bottom Line

Auditions for children are out there. It’s a wild world, and you ought to just work with individuals you can trust.