1) Study! Study! Study! Put your kid in Acting Classes, Improv and Scene Study. Try not to put your child “out there” on tryouts and meetings until he or she is really prepared to go out.

2) Get Experience! Do understudy movies, nearby theater and school plays.

3) Get Head Shots! We mean great head shots, taken by an expert who works with children and youngsters. Ensure you leave with both Commercial and Theatrical looks. This is your youngster’s distinguishing mark and initial introduction with casting directors.

4) Get an Agent submit to the top offices for children in your business sector. Meet with them individually before signing.

5) Get a Work Permit

6) Open a Savings Account

7) Join online websites like Actors Access, Casting Frontier, Casting Networks, Catz, and so on.

8) Network through and read up everywhere you can: We reccomend Hollywood Mom Blog, Looking Ahead Program, SAG/AFTRA Young Performers

9) Keep your Visa in your pocket! Try not to pay anybody for “fees” or “administrations.” Other than acting classes, head shots, you don’t have to fork over ANY cash. Avoid scammy or shady deals that guarantee to “make your child a star!”

10) Remember Show Biz is a business. Once you’ve chosen to take it up, do what you have to do (like classes and tryouts), regardless of the possibility that you’re having a terrible day.