Read plays and books about acting.

Like whatever other industry, the acting biz has its own particular phrasing and dialect. What’s a goal? Where is downstage? What’s a gobo? If you can talk brilliantly about these things, you’re doing good.

Take acting classes.

Scene study, voice and discourse, development, stage battle, and so on. It’s great to have a gift, however you need to forge your gift into a skill.

Taking an acting class doesn’t need to cost you cash. For instance, locate an acting studio and inquire as to whether you can volunteer in their office while you review their classes.

Make friends with actors.

Acting is a group sport. It’s never done alone. Ask them about their process. Locate a couple and listen in. (Obviously, take it with a grain of salt.)

Volunteer backstage. Nearby group theaters are often searching for volunteers to help with props, sets, outfits, etc. Next time they hold tryouts, come in and do a monolog. Why not? You definitely know everybody in the room!

Be an extra.

This is an awesome approach to get your feet wet.

Watch performing artists work.

Go watch the motion pictures recorded by the AFI (American Film Institute). These people, living or dead, are the finest sample of honest acting EVER. (Citizen Kane, Casablanca, Lawrence of Arabia, and Gone with the Wind)

Additionally, go see theater. Loads of theater.


A good audition is the most ideal approach to get into acting. So try out regularly, try out well.