How would I get my child or girl into acting or modeling?

Here’s the answer:

  • Take a few pics of your child. Take them yourself or have a mate do them for you. (Yes, your iPhone is fine!) If your child is <12yrs old, don’t trouble with expert headshots. Candids are fine for children to simply send out wait for the reaction from an agent. When you get an agent, then get headshots.
  • Record the child’s details; age, hair color, eye color, height, weight, shoe size, and if you have it, dress or suit size.
  • Select 1 wonderful head shot ideally with a huge smile and 1-2 full body pictures
  • Submit photographs and details to legitimate offices in your general vicinity
  • Wait to get notification from organizations.

Meanwhile, there are some self-booking choices, for example, Actors Access and These are two built up wellsprings of gigs, both are paid participations. There’s also and Casting Network.

It’s a smart idea to not limit yourself to one city or agency, but expand your options by sending the pictures everywhere.

Try to keep away from agents who are just trying to scam you and make sure your kid wants to be an actor and you are not pushing them to be one. If they actually don’t want to act and it’s just a phase you will probably be wasting a lot of your and your kids time (and loads of money).