Have you ever considered trying out for Nickelodeon production? There are a couple of things you ought to know before your tryout!

This is what you have to know about Nickelodeon tryouts.

Absolutely never pay cash for a tryout

Tragically, there are a considerable amount of scammers out there that persuade families to pay substantial advances to some “offices” to get your child in front of a Nickelodeon Casting Director. This is not the best approach to getting a part. If somebody is requesting cash just to allow your kid a chance to be seen, their guarantees may not be valid.

You ought to never pay an agent any cash up front — most arrangements wind up at just 10-20% if they actually help you get contracted work.

Presentation is everything

For the genuine tryout, Nickelodeon holds numerous casting calls every year in Orlando, New York City, and Los Angeles. It’s common for them to put up tryouts on sites like Playbill, Backstage, Walt Disney, and Feld Entertainment. Once in a while there are workshops in these areas where you or your youngster can take an expert acting class with a casting director.

Keep in mind: from the minute you come in the tryout room or send your headshot for evaluation, you are being considered for a role! Nickelodeon searches for performers who are positive and sure. They would prefer not to see you coming in the tryout room with your head down and a sad face (regardless that you are trying out for a sad part). They need to see a smile, an easy to work with person, and somebody who can hold a conversation!

It’s recommend to wear a pleasant, bright outfit to your tryout to show that you worry about your looks (additionally, ensure your garments are free of logos). Act as you were meeting friends parents — you need to make a decent impression right from the begin! They additionally need to see that you can cooperate with other people and that you are not a diva.

Hope that you have some luck on your side, but that is not all you need, you need determination, hard work and practice to land a gig anywhere not just Nickelodeon.